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Youth Group


For the last 4 years Dave and Jenny have been running  a youth group named "Chill Out Zone or COZ"

COZ meets on Monday evenings during term time at Community Church ; COZ is a relaxed event that allows the group to get away from the stresses school / Colleague brings.

We have table tennis, pool, snooker, board games, crafts and music. There is a small nominal charge of £1.00 per session per person.

The event is held at Community Church on Mondays between 5:00.p.m. – 6:30 p.m. for Yr 5 (9/10 year olds) to Yr 9 (13/14 year olds).

There is scope to run an older group for Yr 9 ​(13/14 year olds and above).

Community Church  are always looking for help to run these sessions, so if you are able to help please contact Dave and Jenny for more information.

You can just drop in or Call Dave and Jenny for more details. 







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