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The leadership team at the Community Church

Bishop Sutton Community Church is led by Dave and Jenny Dickerson who have lived in Bishop Sutton for many years along with Lin Johnson, James Easter and Gavin Tench.

Dave and Jenny are well known to many in Bishop Sutton for their involvement in a number of community projects such as the Ukrainian Hub and Men’s Breakfasts at the Red Lion.

They have worked with many local churches and helped organise outdoor events at Chew Valley Lake with Christians across the Valley and Valley Praise celebrations.

As local residents they are passionate about the future of the village, Dave provided expert evidence for Stop Stowey Quarry Campaign to prevent the dumping of asbestos waste close to the village and chaired the social and recreational committee for the Stowey Sutton Neighbourhood Plan. They are keen to know how, as a Church, they can help you, your family and the village and how you could get involved with them at the Community Church.

Both Jenny and Dave hold many talents; Jenny is a published author; and Dave has written a number of songs including "You shall be holy" which was featured on BBC's Songs of Praise from St George's Church, Stamford:  click on the picture below.

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