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The Fishing Project

The Community Church is pleased to be working closely with The Fishing Project and would like to extend a huge thank you to both Arthur & Phil David for their amazing work and generosity in supporting this very special project. 
We have opened a new fishing venue in Bishop Sutton
The Photos below show all the hard work that has gone into making the lake accessible to all, by clearing the branches of the trees.

Mike Robbins is passionate to help young people who are finding life challenging because of drugs, drinks or anti-social behaviour as well as disabled people.

Mike looks to give them an opportunity to enjoy and learn about fishing and the joys it can bring as well as giving a calming outlet.

Mike opened the club to all; no matter what their physical or mental disabilities might be, it is an all inclusive club, where everybody is welcome. The angling club specialises in taking groups of young people out to the countryside.

The group helps young people from the inner city areas, and offers support to those who have been excluded from school or who are experiencing any other difficulties in their lives.

The club looks to encourage and develop young and disabled people, and offers them the chance to 'get away from it all' to build back some confidence and self respect and work as a team as well as the opportunity to get some quality angling time away from their every day environment.

Mike Robbins was interviewed at Dreamstore’s Big Fish Festival just before the Club started its summer programme of activities. Mike explains what the club sets out to achieve in the short video below.

Callum Fox aged 16 holding his new personal best catch a whopping 16lb Mirror Carp.

Callum was overwhelmed by his catch, which incidentally, he caught 15mins before we packed up to go home,

Mike his instructor suggested using flouting a few dog biscuits, he tried this method (floating on top) after making his own rig and Callum was duly rewarded.

On arriving at Hunstrete Lakes this morning, we set up two juniors with feeders rods & within 15mins this was the result.

Ben with a very nice bream and  Harvey holding a 11lb 7oz Mirror Carp

Congratulations guys!!

The Fishing Project
The Fishing Project
The Fishing Project
The Fishing Projects
The Fishing Project
The Fishing Project
Revels Holiday 2017
The Fishing Project

Hartcliffe & Withywood Angling Club was officially established in April 2007 with the aid of local funding. We offer local youngsters the opportunity to get involved in the sport of angling and enjoy a peaceful and relaxing environment. The aim is to divert young people in deprived areas away from anti-social behaviour, crime, drugs and alcohol misuse. Recently, the club has also been helping disabled people to attend the fishing trips.

Fishing is an excellent pastime for young people as it teaches them to concentrate, to interpret their surroundings, to problem solve and to learn about triumph and disaster. It is something people can do throughout their life in groups or by themselves. It nurtures responsibility and environmental citizenship and has been demonstrated to reduce youth offending. It provides opportunities for young and old, able bodied and physically challenged, to join in a shared activity which fosters strong community spirit. 

In order to keep the club running, we would be grateful for donations of the following : -

  • Old or unwanted fishing tackle

  • Financial donations towards a (newer) disabled access mini bus

  • Volunteer drivers or to help those learning to fish

To find out more please contact: Mike Robbins – 0117 9782557 Mobile 07884145098


36 Oak House, Bishport Avenue, Hartcliffe, Bristol BS13 0RZ.

You are able to make a donation using  Gift Aid which would be gratefully received.


Please email to 

Fishing Project
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